Education  Policy

Student Expectations 

The Referral Program

  • Tuition is to be paid one month in advance..
  • No call, no shows will have no opportunity to reschedule the missed lesson.  
  • Rescheduling Lessons- We know life gets busy and we need to fit a lot into a small amount of time. Make up lessons are always available to schedule. We just ask you to let us know 48 hours prior to your scheduled lesson time. 
  • Lesson times will be scheduled for the same each week. If you need a new time we will be more than happy to help find one that works with your schedule. Consistency is very important to the student’s education and it allows us to better meet the needs of all of our individual students.
  • If you are subscribed for the one lesson per month package, that time will be scheduled individually in advance with no option to reschedule.   
  • Lessons that fall on a holiday can be made up any time within the month of the holiday.
  • Payment options: While automatic payments through SquareUp are preferred, we will accept most forms of payment. Credit cards, debit cards, cash, check and Zelle are options if needed.
  • Communication. Be sure to let me know how lessons are going. What is going well? What is difficult/frustrating? What are you having the most fun with? Keeping me informed with your observations allows me to make adjustments to lesson plans to make lessons more enjoyable and beneficial. Similarly, be sure to let me know about your goals and if your goals are changing specifically for the same reasons.
  • Practice Time. It is always better to practice for a short amount of time multiple times a week than to try to cram a lot of practice time into just one day. 20-30 minutes 5 times a week can go a very, very long way. Every student is different and specifics will be discussed in lessons. (Refer to the eBook Mastering the Art of Practicing for more information and resources.)
  • Perfection. Things are never going to be perfect! Perfectionism is the number one killer of creativity and progress. It is okay to make mistakes and they will happen! There are concepts that will take time to fully understand and perform and that is okay. 
  • Have fun! The entire point of music is self expression and to enjoy yourself! There are many ways to practice the same things. The trick is to find the methods that work best for you and your goals. It is important to be enjoying yourself and relaxed while playing in order to play the best and sound the best

Word of mouth means a lot to us and as a way to say thank you, for any referral who enrolls in lessons you will receive:

  • a free guest pass 
  • a bonus 30 minute lesson or an item of your choice from the











Zack Uidl/Huntley Guitar Lessons Education Policy