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Zack teaches both online and in person private and group classes in his Huntley, IL studio. He has taught hundreds and hundreds of people of all ages from every continent in the world to places of great success! He has also taught clinics and masterclasses around North America as well as at the University of Wisconsin and for Camp Jam. He has released numerous instructional books and DVDs over the years and is able to bring his experience being a live musician touring North America or working with studios and record labels around the world as a session musician to the lessons.

He is known for his personalized approach to teaching. He designs personalized lesson plans for each individual based on their goals, learning styles and interests and these lesson plans have allowed students of all ages and abilities to reach amazing goals they thought were impossible and do so faster! With a full recording setup, amps and instruments, and his detailed approach in making personalized lesson plans, progress has never been faster.


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